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Supporting Small Businesses by Natasha Trigg

With the growth of social media over the past few years it is highly likely you’ve come across a small business post or two. But what is a small business and is it just knits and cards? No! (Well, there is knitted items and cards but not as you know them).

Small businesses have come a long way and I’m here to tell you all about it!

What is a small business? Now when you think of a small business you often think of a sole trader, and this is how many small businesses start out, but actually a small business is any business that is registered as a sole trader, partnership or limited company and meets two of the below criteria. 1. Turnover no more than £5.6 million 2. Balance sheet no more than £2.8 million 3. No more than 50 employees

Nowadays you can find everything from a small business, from beautifully designed handmade children’s clothes and handcrafted earrings, to nourishing face masks and bespoke dog collars! Small businesses offer much more than the products they sell; they are all about principles too! Such entities are likely to practice ethical and sustainable procurement of supplies, place importance on minimizing their environmental impact, prioritize delivering outstanding customer service as every client is valuable to them and pay great attention to detail which results in premium goods and services.

Why you should support small businesses? You’ve probably heard it many times ‘Support small’ ‘Shop small’ ‘Buy independent’ – but do you know why? It’s not all about making someone do a happy dance or putting food on someone’s table – there is so much more to it! Small businesses play an important role in the growth of the UK economy. When you purchase from small business owners, you are investing in people's livelihoods and helping to boost our economy instead of creating more wealth for a few billionaires. In 2021micro businesses (less than 10 employees) turned over a combined amount of £953 billion!! That’s money going back into the UK economy! (Source:

How to support small businesses We know it’s not possible or realistic to shop from small businesses all the time, but we can strive to do so more and change our current shopping habits. For example - Next time you go to head to a big retailer, stop and think – can I get this from a small business. - If there is a price difference is this compensated by the quality, environmental impact, fair pay? - If it is a gift for someone would they prefer quality over quantity, perhaps something personalised? - Popping out for food or grabbing a coffee, choose an independent establishment over a chain Supporting small businesses doesn’t have to always cost money it can be as simple as giving a business a follow on social media!

About the Author Support Small UK was founded in 2020 by Natasha Trigg. After supporting her sister with her small business Natasha became passionate about supporting small and loved the ethos of the small business community. Drawing on previous experience and education Natasha set up Support Small UK which as at February 2023 was a community of over 41,000 across Instagram and Facebook. In January 2023 Natasha launched The Support Small UK Emporium ( An online platform dedicated to helping small and independent UK businesses get the exposure they deserve, without the hefty price tags. An online marketplace, The Support Small UK Emporium, showcases hundreds of products which range from clothes and artwork to jewellery. You can browse and shop from the comfort of your own home. Supporting small and showing your support for independent UK talent has never been easier with the Support Small UK Emporium.

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