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Affirmations Rock! by Faye

I set up affirmations ROCK after experiencing the comfort, uplift and hope those positive and kind affirmations brought at times of darkness, anxiety and despair.

Affirmations were new to me in 2014 when recovering from postpartum psychosis and depression. They took on more meaning after a deep depression of summer 2019.

Firstly while sitting on Cardiff bay beach (a man-made pop-up beach), I saw the affirmation "sand between the toes takes away the woes". It held an offer of some relief from my own suffering and that it did. I played with the saying on a photo.

Secondly while walking in the Forest of Dean we discovered painted positive rocks left for people to discover to spread kindness. The idea was to find enjoy and then replace the rocks and add your own to paths and trails.

These in hindsight planted the seed for my meaningful use of affirmations from which affirmation ROCKS was born in 2020.

The website has been created to promote the making and distribution of affirmations as canvases, stones and cards for anyone looking after their own or someone else's mental health needs.

Orders can be emailed or requested using the affirmationsROCK creation form on the website

Orders will be fulfilled once a donation (which will go to Mind) has been received at our crowdfunding page given at the end of the order form. A small amount will be taken out (usually about £4 for materials and postage). The idea is to spread kindness, joy and love and raise much-needed funds and awareness.

If you or someone else needs some help, there is plenty of support available. My goto places are Mind and the Blurt Foundation.

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