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from collectors of my Artwork
Abstract painting

Wall of Art

There are three words that I use to describe Sue's art: WOW, WOW, WOW! But I have so much more to say! I first saw one of Sue's paintings as I was scrolling through Twitter. It stopped me in my tracks! Over the next day or so I kept finding myself drifting back to it and looking. It spoke to me. So I decided to buy it. Now one thing you need to know about me is I don't buy things on a whim; especially not art, but I knew I needed this particular piece in my life permanently. That night I showed my husband the picture and he loved it, which is amazing because our tastes in art are pretty far apart! Anyway so, a while later Sue put up another picture and my husband happened to see it and said he liked it, so that pretty much sold it to me and I went on to buy that one and another one that we both liked. I redecorated the room that the pictures were to be displayed so they had a nice clean white wall to sit so they had the proper WOW factor! Then I realised that I had a blank wall. I knew instantly what I wanted, so I got in touch with Sue and yet again she produced the most wonderful paintings! So now I have THE most fabulous art on my wall, as it is 10-foot-long it is more of an installation. Every morning we wake up and the first thing we see is our wonderful art, and ever day we love it more. Every time we look at it we see something new, an new colour, a new story. We also have a piece in our bathroom which is enjoyed by everyone. I know this is a rather long testimonial, but Sue's art, to us, is more than just paint on canvas, it's a story, it speaks to us like no other art has ever done!"

Emma, Lincolnshire

As soon as I saw this painting I was drawn by the colours and knew it would look amazing in my living room. It is perfect and brings my walls to life."

Viv | London

Abstract Painting

Rings of Time

Seascape painting

Greymouth Storm

I had a really good look at this particular work of Sue's and am amazed that anyone can catch the magic of wave cresting on the shore. Pure Magic."


Wow! The spray of water on the rocks is fantastic. You could give us a virtual walk just by viewing your artwork."

Lesley Duthie of

On the Rocks Ocean Painting

Ocean Art

Tree Painting

Summer Vibe

Sue was very helpful through the process of painting me my tree painting! I love it so much, wonderful job."

Josh of

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