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Artist's Blog Don’t Hang a Label on Me

OK what do I mean by this title?

Read my thoughts in this artist's blog

As an artist others are always trying to compartmentalise you.

For me being creative is about pushing boundaries, trying new styles and media.

If you "label" someone as having a certain style I think it may envelop them and limit their vision and creativity.

When I began painting many years ago, I used watercolour, had I labelled myself a watercolourist I may well have not ventured into acrylics.

Now people ask are you a landscape or abstract artist?

Well, I am both, but it doesn't stop there and nor should it.

Abstract watercolour Sue O'Sullivan
Misty Abstract Watercolour

There are times when I feel like working in detail, especially on my beloved trees, on other days though I just want to "let go" and paint in an abstract style.

Recently I have wanted to explore abstraction in watercolour, on the left is an example of this. Currently available here

Experimenting with this new style is exciting and I love the effects you can produce. I have much more to explore with this in the future.

My latest series of paintings I have called Landscape meets Abstract, that should test the "labellers"!

With these artworks, inspired by a visit to Ladye Bay in Somerset, I am using layers of acrylics applied with palette knives.

Photo of rocks at Ladye Bay
Rock Formation at Ladye Bay

The rocks here were amazing and created their own abstract art as nature often does to my eyes.

Nature is such an inspiration, and I may experiment with various mediums creating several artworks from one image such as that on the right.

When you really study those rocks how many colours can you see? What shapes to do you see? Can you see a face?

As an artist I am always looking for new ways to describe what's around us.

Challenge yourself and try something different!

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you must change medium or style. If you are happy where you're at then that is fine but don't be afraid to experiment and move out of your comfort zone, after all what's the worst that can happen?

I hope this has inspired you to try something different and cast off those "labels".

Paint from the heart, paint what you love and never be afraid to explore new paths.

I would love to hear about your art journey, let me know what you're experimenting with,

Happy painting !

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