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Lost in the Paint

As soon as I pick up a brush or palette knife and start adding colour to a canvas I enter another world.

I find painting is very much like meditating and I become completely immersed in the art I am creating whether it is landscape or abstract.

It may be unusual for an artist to create both styles of art but I love painting both.

I call abstract art the art of letting go.

You can unwind with this style, there are no rules just paint and let go !

When I feel like painting detail I have a selection of go to images at hand.

These are usually from places I've visited, coastal or woodland.

Painting a landscape is meditative in a different way, I become so involved with the work it’s as if I were there walking on those leaves or hearing the sounds of the sea.

Whatever your style or medium art is good for you ! The benefits of art to a persons well being are widely documented, and include reducing stress and quietening the mind.

As I paint all the chatter in my head seams to stop.

I completely understand that during times of stress or anxiety the last thing you feel like doing is creating art.

When this happens I tell myself "just 5 minutes", which for me takes the pressure off. If I don't feel the benefit after that time I give myself permission to stop. What I have found though is that I very rarely stop,

The creative process has taken me to a more relaxed place.

" Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life" Pablo Picasso

It has been documented that creating art reduces the stress hormone Cortisol, and can increase Dopamine which is also known as the "feel good hormone". You don't even have to get the paint out, colouring books, sketching or keeping an art journal are example of ways to get creative and boost your mood.

However if you find yourself really struggling please reach out and talk, there are some great organisations with resources that can help you.

I truly believe that anyone can paint or sketch and gain huge benefits in doing so. Your skill level or what you paint doesn't matter just give it a go, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding getting lost in the paint !

Original Abstract art Sue O'Sullivan
The Bridge

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