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Packaging Artwork

For the Love of Trees needed to be packaged really carefully if it was to arrive at its destination in Melbourne, Australia safely. The journey from me in Wiltshire was to take about 7 days !

My first task was to wrap the painting in acid free archival paper. As this was a stretched canvas, once wrapped in the paper I added some bubble wrap at the back of the work to fill in the frame.

Next I cut 2 pieces of foam board just larger than the painting and taped 1 to the front and 1 to the back ensuring the board was only taped to the paper.

The whole package was then wrapped in bubble wrap, this not only adds extra protection against any impact but also against moisture.

Now we could carefully manoeuvre the artwork into a box. I keep all packaging that my supplies arrive in. The box we used had rolls of corrugated cardboard in, which we packed around the painting in the box. This ensured that the corners were well protected. All that remained was to seal the box up and add FRAGILE stickers all over !

Once this was done we took the final measurements of the package and its weight and booked a courier to pick it up. Due to the value of the painting I added insurance to the shipping costs.

The final task was to add the shipping label along with the envelope containing the Customs documentation.

The painting was collected on time and after a nervous few days of tracking the package to Australia I had an excited message from the #MelbourneArboretum saying that it had arrived !

Sarah at the arboretum called me and said it arrived in good condition and that it would be on display at their first open day. More on this to follow soon.

Thanks so much for following the journey of #FortheLoveofTrees with me but this is not the end so please come back soon.

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